SPECKLE PARK CATTLE CO PTY LTD was founded in 2007.

For over 25 years, the company has traveled to North America, particularly Canada to source predominately Poll Hereford genetics and import them to Australia.

Whilst on these trips and walking many times through the huge cattle barns and exhibition halls of the Canadian Western Agribition (one of the world premier and largest livestock shows) they regularly saw a black and white “speckled” breed of cattle on display, which interested them immensely. The cattle’s intriguing colour pattern, quiet disposition, softness and amazing thickness made the breed a must to find and inspect every year they attended Agribition.

In those early years the Speckle Park breed was what the Canadian’s called an evolving breed and on display only, at the show, but the dedicated Canadian breeders new they were onto something very special and continued to work hard strengthening all facets of the breed ensuring their future progress.

Over the ensuing years, more and more of the breed was seen and excitement grew and it became even more evident what these impressive speckled cattle had to offer the beef industry. The breed did progress and rapidly, in both numbers and quality in the late 1990's.

Carcass Grand Championships at the world renowned Calgary Stampede and various other hoof and hook competitions then catapulted them into the mainstream beef business in Canada.

Champion Steers at Calgary Stampede

2004 saw the Australian’s back to Canadian Western Agribition and witnessed a great showing of the Speckle Park cattle. After much discussion over a couple of years and a ‘100 beers’ between the six Australian breeders it was decided that the Speckle Park breed had so much to offer Australian beef cattlemen that they would try and import embryos and semen in the breed to Australia. And start an Association in Australia and New Zealand and begin breeding this beef breed with all of its unlimited potential.

This started the long and laborious haul of setting up and registering an Association, sourcing the very best cows to embryo transfer, select the top bulls for semen collection, organize the embryo transferring and semen collection programs, put importation protocols in place of which all had to go through the relevant Government, Quarantine and Animal Health departments in both countries.

In 2006 the Speckle Park breeders of Canada were rewarded for their foresight, dedication and years of hard work in stabilizing, refining and perfecting the breed. In July 2006, the breed was recognized as a PURE BREED by the Canadian Minister of Agriculture, the first and only cattle breed to come from Saskatchewan Canada.

Speckle Park Cattle Co had been waiting for this Pure Bred status to finally put into action all that had been discussed, planed and hoped for over the previous ten years. At this point in time negotiations with various Speckle Park breeders in Canada commenced to purchase their best genetics.

The females were found, embryos collected, bulls selected, semen drawn, all imported and in August 2007 the first embryos were implanted in Australian recipients.

The Speckle Park Breed is now a reality in Australia and Speckle Park Cattle Co. invites you to be part of this great breed of beef cattle.

Join,and be part of history.

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